How much Frozen Yogurt is Too Much Frozen Yogurt?

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Originally meant to be a fancy, obscure, art blog, this page became a dumping ground for all my assorted interests (of which there are many).
Which is alright, because there are too many fancy, obscure, art blogs out there already.

I am a 23-year-old college student majoring in Design. Originally from Oakland, CA I currently reside in Davis, CA. There may legitimately be Too Much frozen fogurt available between this town and Sacramento next door, just a road bike ride away. And I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Except when I do.
I've recently spent several months away from school, away from work, away from "real life", in an attempt to recover from depression and burnout. I also stopped using tumblr. Now that I'm back and dipping my toes into all these things, I plan to use this blog as an actual blog, following friends, documenting my life, connecting and growing in healthy ways. Hopefully it will become more directed than it was before. That is... if I manage to become more directed. Let's go!

Beware of Images is pretty awesome, so go “like” them on FB, if you’re into that. They also have a website.

Beware of Images is pretty awesome, so go “like” them on FB, if you’re into that. They also have a website.

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